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Why ArcoVerdi?

Smaller Home Designs

We have focused on developing a portfolio of boutique home plans in the 1,300 to 2,000 sq. ft. range. They are carefully designed to minimize “wasted” circulation space. Bay windows, through-way window alignment, criss/cross ceiling beams and other features create a sense of openness and “home”. Our plans are hand drawn, embellished with in-depth details, the essence of true Architecture.

Energy Efficient Design Techniques

A significant player in the Solar revolution and based in the Southwest, many of our early projects focused on passive solar design techniques. Solar became a logical answer to harnessing the sun’s energy while implementing new ways to control both the heat gain and bright light.

Adapted to Current Trends

We perceive a changing dynamic in the new home market.  Young families are getting smaller. Millennials remain single for a longer time. Lower mortgages, smaller utility bills and less maintenance appeal to most. The totality and attention to detail make our small home designs very desirable. Please browse our portfolio of small home plans to find your next “Dream Home!”